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Obiagu Okpala Development Union (OODU) is a preeminent village in Amichi, located in Nnewi South Local Government Area, Anambra State, and an affiliate of Amichi Development Union (ADU) Nigeria. OODU is dedicated to raising awareness and implementing programs to address the health and educational issues of the community and improving the living standards through the provision of infrastructures.


To create a meaningful healthcare delivery system dedicated to the underprivileged men, women, widows, children, and youth through the completion of the Obiagu Okpala Health Centre, provision of infrastructures, free access to healthcare, education, empowerment, and the development of self-sufficiency.


Obiagu Okpala Development Union, in collaboration with Beacon of Hope Outreach, is embarking on a ground-breaking effort to establish an ultra-modern Health Centre in Obiagu village, Amichi, Nnewi South L.G.A., Anambra State, Nigeria. The construction of the Health Centre which began 8 years ago is yet to be completed and equipped. When completed, the Health Centre will serve the good people of Obiagu Okpala and neighboring communities to save lives and make a life changing impact.

The Obiagu Okpala Health Centre Project Committee (OOHCPC) is committed to creating awareness and reaching out to all by encouraging community members to partake in the raising of funds for the completion of the centre. It is believed that this solicitation and project will foster community participation and responsibility, develop substantial partnerships and collaborations, and promote the health and well-being of the "at-risk" rural population.

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