A United Movement Empowering the Community for the Good of All

Beacon of Hope Outreach (BOHO) partners with corporations and businesses to uplift underprivilaged communities around the globe. These organizations are on the forefront of global change as we join forces to make a lasting impact.

This global movement is fueled by passionate stakeholders including donors, volunteers and partners from around the world. Beacon of Hope Outreach Partners are driven by inspiration to make an indelible mark in the world by helping us change the narrative of underserved communitites. They know our work is a gamechanger in world development and are supporting the needy on the frontlines as they ensure future generations are empowered with the tools and information they need – and most importantly, using their beautiful, amazing voices to create permanent and lasting change.

Together, we raise awareness, engage supporters, and accelerate impact. There are many offerings to make sure our partners can find the right fit.

Beyond the range and reach of BOHO's resources, there are endless opportunities for BOHO Partners to amplify our cause with active employee engagement through CSR programs, as well as medical, health, advocacy and education campaigns.


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