WeCare Humanitarian Services

If you have something give something! A dollar. Gently used clothing. Anything!

PROGRAM: WeCare provides charitable free items to disadvantaged families and children. Items can range from clothes and shoes to computers and health care products.

PURPOSE: All donated items help to improve lives, assist in combatting community deterioration, and lessening the burdens of government.

ITEMS: Items you can donate include but are not limited to clothing, shoes, glasses, kitchenware, books, toys, games, linens, hygiene essentials, and nonperishable food items.

Items We Need

Men’s ClothingWomen’s ClothingKids Clothing
Tops (button-downs, t-shirts, sweaters, etc.)Tops (sweaters, long- and short-sleeves, etc.)Tops (onesies, shirts, sweaters)
Bottoms (jeans, dress-pants)Bottoms (skirts, shorts, jeans, etc.)Bottoms
Outerwear (winter coats, jackets)Dresses (formal, casual, cocktail)Outerwear
Athletic Wear (shorts, pants, tops)Outerwear (fur coats, winter coats, peacoats)Swimsuits
Sleepwear and socksSleepwear and socksSleepwear and socks
TiesAthletic Wear (leggings, shorts, tops, etc.) 

Beacon of Hope Outreach is proud to announce that we have been able to help more than 120,000 individuals with the hopes of more in the future. WeCare offers you the opportunity to share a commendable effort in helping the impoverished and to fulfill your personal vision of reaching out to someone in need.


Partner with Beacon of Hope Outreach to host or sponsor a WeCare Humanitarian Services program in an underserved community.

Donate supplies to our office at P.O Box 515, Bronx, New York 10453.

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