The BOHO staff is group of passionate people dedicated to addressing the needs of men, women, and children in impoverished communities.

Lady Celestina Chima Ekezie, MJF


Lady Celestina C. Ekezie started Beacon of Hope Outreach in 2008 to contribute to the well-being of others in greatest need. She is an educator and licensed professional nurse of over 30 years. She turned her passion of kindness, volunteerism and philanthropy into a venture that will help the less privileged. Her motivation for continuing this work is based on her belief that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare and to work with partners and supporters like you to impact the lives of the less privileged in undeserved communities around the world.

Dr. Pamela Nneka Chukwurah, DHA

Director of Business Development & Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Pamela Nneka Chukwurah has been with BOHO since 2012. She has a doctorate in health care administration and is an advocate for health and entrpreneurship. She brings over two decades of experience in palliative care, business development, business strategy/coaching, fundraising and software development.  

Ambassador Mrs. Uche Ajulu-Okeke

Nigerian Facilitator

Ambassador Mrs. Uche Ajulu-Okeke joined BOHO in 2008. She was a consummate professional, veteran diplomat, Development Studies expert in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Nigeria’s first female ambassador Consul General to South Africa. She has facilitated dozens of international partnerships for BOHO in Nigeria, West Africa as well as the United States of America.

Barrister Chukwunonso Onny-Ezeh

Legal Secretary & Executive Manager

Mrs. Chukwunonso Onny-Ezeh has been with BOHO since 2008.  She is an attorney and the CEO of Assist-2-Sell Properties Limited, a leading real estate agency in Nigeria. She has guided BOHO in it’s development of medical health missions in multiple states and countries, and brings decades of active practice and experience in business development and law.

    Dr. Celine N. Anosike

    Director of Public Health Education

    Dr. Celine N. Anosike has been with BOHO since 2016. She is also the CEO of Love the Children Agenda and Public Health Peace Advocacy and a dedicated public health consultant. Dr Anosike assists BOHO in community development programs within schools that lack vital resources.

    Dr. Edna N. Chukwurah, MD

    Medical Advisor

    Dr. Edna Chukwurah joined BOHO in 2017. She is an Internal Medicine physician and an expert in preventive/lifestyle medicine. Dr. Chukwurah primarily focuses on motivating and educating the communities in which she serves to lead healthier and more productive lifestyles.  Additionally, Dr. Chukwurah is committed to providing access and resources to individuals in underserved medical populations, both nationally and internationally.

    Dr. Chineme M. Anyaeze, MD

    Clinical Director

    Dr. Chineme Michael Anyaeze has been with BOHO since 2009. He is a healthcare practitioner, specializing as a Surgeon, in Owerri, Awo-Omamma, Imo, Nigeria, owner of Six C Clinic, and has written several publications on Nigeria’s healthcare system. He has assisted and partnered with BOHO in its management and delegation of clinicians internationally.

      Mrs. Vivian N. Ume-Ezeoke

      Chief Nursing Director

      Mrs. Vivian N. Ume-Ezeoke has been with BOHO since 2009. She is a registered midwife and has been pivotal in our maternity programs as well as the management of nurses and healthcare professional that volunteer in every medical mission.

      Dr. Francis C. Okeke, BDS (UNN)

      Dental Director

      Dr. Francis C. Okeke joined BOHO in 2022. He is a compassionate dental surgeon and MDCN registered dental practitioner with a successful background in the diagnosis, treatment and management of orofacial diseases. Acclaimed for making informed decisions to manage a variety of orofacial conditions, he is also skilled in the treatment of dentofacial infections and trauma management. Dr Okeke assists BOHO in collaborating  with medical teams and healthcare workers ensuring adherence to healthcare guidelines and standard practice.

      Com. Maryrose Chukwu (Rtd.)

      Director of Events

      Commander Maryrose U. Chukwu joined BOHO in 2019. Retired from the Federal Road Safety Commission of Nigeria, she is the CEO of Ollymakgera Ventures Ltd. Cmder Chukwu loves to service her community above self and has joined BOHO to support our humanitarian efforts.

      Ven. Barr. Elijah Ede

      Programs Director

      Ven. Barr. Elijah Ede has been with BOHO since 2018. He is a theologian and a lawyer with interests in youth ministries. He has been in the ministry for over three decades and has a wealth of experience in rural evangelism and human empowerment. His commitment to rural evangelism has helped BOHO engage local leaders and equip churches to reach their communities through a variety of resources.

      Dr. Nwando Ekezie, M.D.

      Medical Director

      Dr. Nwando Ekezie has been with BOHO since 2009, starting as a Youth Volunteer in high school. She is a Family Medicine Physician dedicated to improving health outcomes in underserved communities. Her work with BOHO includes assisting in the development and execution of numerous programs, both domestically and internationally. She specializes in mentoring youth volunteers interested in global and population health.