E.Y.E.S. (Educate Youth Encourage Success)

E.Y.E.S. is a mentoring and motivational program that focuses on youth empowerment by providing guidance and counseling on relevant health care issues as well as teaching children and adolescents crucial life skill sets.

PROGRAM: The program motivates and inspires youths to focus their lives positively, pointing them in the right direction to demonstrate good character, integrity and self-improvement.

PURPOSE: The workshops and activities help to bridge the gap between families by providing a base to make healthy lifestyle choices and engagement in less risky behaviors.

The E.Y.E.S. impact is a life investment where youth take away a checklist of guiding principles that promote positive character change, practical priorities and vocations that can be fulfilled. Participants will know concrete facts about HIV/AIDS, drugs, alcohol, and smoking cessation as well learn life-style changing skills that can improve their ways of living.


Sponsor a Bookbag of Opportunity for $25 and help us help the children of tomorrow.

Partner with Beacon of Hope Outreach to host or sponsor a E.Y.E.S. program in an underserved community.

Donate supplies and other forms of support to our office at P.O Box 515, Bronx, New York 10453.

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