Life Without Eyes


Worldwide, the most common eye problem and a big contributor to school drop out rate’s and unemployment is uncorrected vision, with millions in the most vulnerable areas lacking sufficient eye testing and necessary care. Adults are unable to work and children are falling behind in school, therefore leaving them uneducated, unemployed and falling into the cycle of poverty and locking them into a lifetime of disadvantages. By providing the gift of vision, they will be given another chance at life.

Our various eye care missions emphasize the importance of vision and eye care. During our mission trips, we provide free eye examinations, eye health education, and have given over 3,000 free prescription eyeglasses to individuals within our communities. Through our community partnerships with local optometrists, our participants receive discounts whenever they visit their eye clinics.

Long-Term Impact

This presents a major opportunity for change, as 80% of all causes of visual impairment are curable or preventable. Adults lacking adequate vision often face high risks of unemployment and children fall behind in school thus eventually leading to unemployment in adulthood as well. By tackling the root cause, your donation and support will not only provide one with the ability to live life to the fullest, but to reduce inequalities they face on a daily basis.


Sponsor a EyeCare Package for $25 and a man, woman, or child see a better tomorrow.

Partner with Beacon of Hope Outreach to host or sponsor a Life Without Eyes program in an underserved community.

Donate Supplies And Other Forms Of Support To Our Office At P.O Box 515, Bronx, New York 10453.

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